The main Argument against theism is the argument from evil, oftetn reffered to as the problem of evil. (P1: If a being that exists that combined omnipotence,omniscience, and omnibenevolence, the unjustifiable suffering of innocent people would not exist. P2: The unjustifiable suffering of innocent people does exist. C: No such being exists.) A theodicy is a theist objection to this argument–or, put it differently, a solution to the problem of evil, an attempt to show that an omnipotence,omniscience, omnibenevolence being would have some good reason for allowing this suffering

Find three named theodicies discussed in chapter 6 section 2 of “Doing Philosophy” by Schick, that were also discussed in “Blameless in Abaddon” by James Morrow. Give the name given to it in ch. 6.2, summarize the discussion of the theodicy in “Blameless in Abbadon” and give exact page numbers for references in both books

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