The International Business Environment Custom Essay

Nowadays managers are dealing with changing workplaces, security threats, ethical issues, global economic and political uncertainties and technological advancement. Every Organization whether its multinational, private business or Govt. Offices depend on its people. Telecom industry is growing in Pakistan with new companies is getting license the competition is tough; as a result it is the consumer who is getting benefits and enjoy low call rates.The customer may not fully understand all of the project’s requirements at the beginning of the project. The customer may use imprecise language such as “I guess; I want” or “Maybe we should consider” or may not fully articulate what is required. Requirements may be vague, incomplete and may not be specific enough to be measurable. This ambiguity often leads to products or services delivered to the customer that: May be technically sound but fall short by not improving the business process.

Does not meet customer’s expectations.LACK OF CLARITY IN SCOPE OF THE BUSINESS FUNCTIONS: Another challenge being faced by the management is the lack of understanding the scope of business functions. That is; in the translation of the customer’s needs into the delivered product or service, vague requirements may not be properly understood. The subsequent design documents may, therefore, be poorly defined and documented.Management must recognize their role as one of defining the business solution boundaries– i.e.
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 ANTICIPATING GLOBAL TALENT SHORTAGE: The most critical problem is hiring, retaining, training and motivating professional talent in a troublesome scenario where the already critical shortage of human talent in some professional areas and in diverse managerial disciplines due to the beginning of the retirement with no enough replacements of the baby boomers’ workforce; economical growth and resurgence of energy market firms due to record crude oil prices has motivated a fierce competence to hire, train and retain the already scarce talent available in the job market. Being so, human talent is being more critical to ensure the competitiveness of a company for the long term.Such perception is the expression of a growing trend of cannibalization in hiring and recruiting scarce professional resource that finally is engaged to work with the bigger companies.

This trend is particularly critical in the Oil & Energy and Engineering industries where I have worked for years and where is possible observe a continuous turnover of engineers from one company to the other on looking for better salary perspectives and superior career development plans.EMPLOYER BRAND MANAGEMENT: Today’s global organizations should stand out in developing Employer Brand Management practices to generate multicultural workplaces where an employee can feel pride and satisfaction for belonging to an organization where he/she is considered, respected and recognized. The cultural dimensions (Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and solidarity) should be adapted to pursuit this purpose.

When an employee as usually happens in most of today’s companies is considered as a mere commodity that may be easily replaced, relocated, hired and finally fired out, is easy to expect that in such workplaces an torture feeling of demoralization, progressive disengagement and lost of motivation finally will have a profound and unfavorable impact over employee’s productivity, increasing the rate of employee’s attrition and affecting the whole company’s productivity for the long term. This is the reason that justifies the progressive adoption of Employer Branding practices.3.

5 MANAGING MULTICULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS: In global organizations that are occupied in developing transformational projects with a worldwide scope dealing with cultural differences in organizations requires from a strong, empowered and influential leadership with the willingness of applying the proper corporate governance practices to regulate those differences around an inspiring business vision that being strongly encouraged by senior Management and enabled by collaborative technologies may be active in reducing the inefficiencies of having multidisciplinary teams geographically dispersed with different cultures working in markets, products and projects that could be intrinsic and inherent to the particular country´s culture, history and traditions.MANAGING GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT: International managers face intense and constant challenges that require training and understanding of the foreign environment. Managing a business in a foreign country requires managers to deal with a large variety of cultural and environmental differences.

As a result, international managers must continually monitor the political, legal, socio cultural, economic, and technological environments. (International Environment)POLITICAL /LEGAL ENVIRONMENT: The political environment can promote or hinder economic developments and direct investments. This environment is ever-changing. The political and economic philosophies of a nation’s leader may change overnight. The stability of a nation’s government, which frequently rests on the support of the people, can be very volatile. Various citizen groups with vested interests can undermine investment operations and opportunities. And local governments may view foreign firms suspiciously.MANAGING DIVERSE TEAMS: Many business teams are made up of members from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds.

Understanding and managing the differences can build tolerance. Many business teams are made up of members from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. Understanding and managing the differences can build tolerance.

This brings many advantages; businesses can choose the right people for the team from a range of sources and people from ethnically diverse backgrounds bring to the team their own unique experiences.Understand the Differences Get to know and understand the various cultures on the team. This can be a great activity early on in the team’s formation and gives all the team members an opportunity to know more about each other. Zero Tolerance to Discrimination Discrimination does still exist today and it’s very important for managers to address any such behaviour when it immediately arises. If you are subjected to discrimination, do not tolerate it and raise it with your manager. Establish a zero tolerance attitude on the team for discrimination.

 (tips-for-managing-culturally-diverse-teams)3.9 UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL NETWORKS: Management need to understand the social networks and social relationships of work groups. This is another challenge or issue being faced by the management in today’s world. Because a social relationship can help determine an individual to help or hinder his effectiveness. Reviews and surveys had shown that the teams with high levels of interpersonal and interconnectedness actually attained their goals better and were more committed to staying together.ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: It is one of the most critical aspects of effective management. but the nature of Change is may be increasingly complex, and it is more often extensive. Effective management requires attention to detail, and planning comes in at two places: ï First, is to think through all aspects of the implications of the change; ï the second, is to set out all the actions that need to take place in order to ensure that need to ï take place in order to ensure that the change is implemented.

Get instant help by clicking this link for this or any other academic paper.  (how-to-manage-organizational-change)BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION: Communication skills are critical for managers. Unfortunately, there are a number of barriers that can negatively impact communication effectiveness. Understanding these barriers and taking steps to minimize or overcome them can help to ensure that managers are effective in their communications with employees and others. The key barriers are distractions, time limitations, biases and skills.

Time Managers must juggle not only their own responsibilities and tasks, but must also be attentive to the needs of the people they manage and sometimes they manage a lot of people. With only so many hours in a day and days in a week managers can be challenged to find the time to communicate effectively not only with employees, but with colleagues, bosses and customers. While we can’t find more time, we can find ways to use the time we have more effectively.Scheduling time in our day to attend to specific tasks based on how alert we are in the morning or afternoon, grouping like tasks together and using a planning tool to help keep tasks organized can be ways to stay on top of multiple responsibilities. Market Segmentation: Cellular service market is a diverse set of people. Ufone as well as other cellular companies segment their market on four bases: economy, age, gender & occupation.

TARGET MARKETS: Cellular phones are the technology of new era, the 21st century. These cellular phones are the main focus of our youngsters. All the cellular companies are targeting The Youth one way or other. Ufone is no longer a follower in this race. Its main focus is “THE YOUTH ” of Pakistan which is its Target Market.

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