Strategic management

Strategic management

School of Business & Humanities
Project Brief/Essay Title and Details:

See below:

PART A: Write an essay on the following topic – (2000 words approx)

Strategic management focuses on the analysis of the major initiatives taken by a company’s top management on behalf of owners. In your essay define what is meant by

strategy and discuss the process of strategy making.  Be sure to analyse the steps that constitutes the process of strategy making and support your work with examples

drawn from companies that you are familiar with.


Select an industry of your choice and do the following: (2000 words approx.)

a)    Discuss how the work of a management theorist has relevance for that industry
b)    Take Porter’s Five Forces model and apply it to a company operating in the industry sector that you have chosen.

Both parts carry equal marks (Part A and B). Please use Harvard Referencing.


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