Statistics interval-level dependent variable

Statistics interval-level dependent variable

Most academic and policy research focuses on explaining variation in a dependent variable, asking what causes some people to act or believe one way and others to act or believe differently.  For example, what demographic characteristics and attitudes of respondents influence their salaries, political tolerance, political ideology, or opinions on government spending?  Use one of the class data sets or another data set, if you have one, to write a brief research paper trying to explain an interval-level dependent variable.

You should begin your paper with a statement of the research question and a brief justification for investigating that question, probably based on why the issue is theoretically or practic

(c)    don’t say, “the employee and their supervisor”–make sure that pronouns match their antecedents;

(d)    remember that, for almost all uses in papers for me, ‘affect’ is a verb and ‘effect’ is a noun;

(e)     use the spelling checker on your word processor.

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