Is it ethical to have bilingual education

Is it ethical to have bilingual education?

1.  Identify the problem/issue.  Define the ethical issue as a question, i.e. Is ________ ethical?
2. Clarify Concepts. Define key terms, the context in which these terms are being used, limitations to the ethical discussion, etc.
3. Research the positions of experts on the issue. What positions do they hold and why do they hold them?  Be sure to include facts, evidence and data.  (Minimum criteria is six reliable, credible sources excluding your textbook.).

4. Explain your own solution.  Which solution do you believe is the  most ethical and why?  Again, be sure to cite facts, evidence, and data to support your position.

5.  Discuss the consequences of your solution.  What would be the results for individuals and for society as whole of your solution?
6.  Reflect on the issue.  Has your opinion on the issue changed or has it been reinforced as a result of researching this issue?  Explain.


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Mortgage crisis – Organization Research and Theory

The mortgage crisis was caused, in part, by loan officers who were not held accountable for bad loans. Discuss how ethics played a role, or could have played a larger role, in preventing this situation.

Why is it important for managers and organizations to behave ethically?

What inter-organizational strategies might work most successfully as a company expands globally? Why?

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