Film Guide to A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Go to YOUTUBE movies 1980 version 2:36:08

1. Briefly identify these characters and their role in the film:

Lucie Manette

Dr. Alexandre Manette of Beauvais

Miss Pross

Mr. Jarvis Lorry of Tellson’s and Company Bank, Paris and London

Charles Darnay (his mother’s maiden name)

Monseigneur/ Monsieur the Marquis St. Evrémond

Sydney Carton

Mr. Stryver

John Brasard

Mme (Madame) Thérèse Defarge

Ernest Defarge

Jaques Gaspard

2. Where had Lucie Manette’s father been for 16 years?

3. How does the Uncle of Charles Darnay, the Marquis St. Evrémond, symbolize in the novel the oppression of the common people by the aristocrats. How is justice

achieved in his case?

4. Of what does Charles accuse his Uncle? How does the Marquis St. Evrémond seek to destroy his nephew Charles, and nearly succeed?

5. For what political activity is Mme. Defarge famous until today?

6. What motivated the condemnation of the house of St. Evrémond written by Dr. Alexandre Manette? What is the connection between the diary of Dr. Manette and Mme

Thérèse Defarge and 16 years of imprisonment in the North Tower of the Bastille Prison?

7. How does Charles Darnay escape the guillotine at last?

8. Read a biographical sketch of the author Charles Dickens. What incident in the life of Dickens disposed England’s most famous author in the year of publication of A

Tale of Two Cities (1859) to be sympathetic to the working class of France? ( there is one at the beginning of the selection for HIST 111 supplementary reading)

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