Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics

a)   Either manually or using a spreadsheet/statistical progr am, calculate the correlation
coefficient between passenger car sales and the RBA’s target cash interest rate.
Interpret the correlation co -efficient.

b)   Either manually or using spreadsheet/statistical programme:

i.   calculate least square/regression line to the sales figures time series
ii.   use the trend line to forecast industry sales of passenger vehicles for each of the
next three months.

LA012014  –  Assignment 2 –  BSBMKG507A Ed 1   5
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Task  3
Interpret the data you have accumulated in Tasks   1 and 2 of this  Assignment and:
a)   Prepare a report for Helga on the interpretation of the data and how you and she can
use it to make marketing strategy decisions. The report should be presented in a
business like professional manner and include the following:

Title page
Executive summary
Body of the report
Conclusions and recommendations

b)   You  have been asked to  present the report to Helga at a face to-face meeting with
her. Prepare a list of talking points for the presentation and a list of visual aids you
will need to convey your points. (Note: y ou do  not have to produce the visual aids
themselves) .


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