Streptococcus Pyogenes

Streptococcus Pyogenes

An essential part of every program of study, out-of-class work enables students to master course learning objectives and leads toward the achievement of the overall program objectives. Out-of-class work refers to self-directed learning activities such as reading assignments, research activities and projects, quiz/exam preparation, practice NCLEX questions, projects ( individual), written assignments (papers and essays), knowledge checks and self-assessments, etc. Out of class assignments must be handed in on the due date stated on the syllabus, or it will not be accepted by the instructor.

Detailed requirements of the term paper are provided as part of this syllabus. Students will select a pathogenic microorganism which they will research independently using the Learning Resource Center of the School. Students will conduct a scientific literature search of a pathogenic microorganism involved in human disease.

The format of the term paper will include the investigation of the pathogen selected by the student subject to approval by the instructor of the course. STUDENTS MUST OBTAIN APPROVAL BY THE INSTRUCTOR PRIOR TO CONDUCTING THEIR RESEARCH INVESTIGATION. Upon approval, the student will utilize the internet, scientific literature, and government/health agencies such as the CDC, FDA, USDA, American Society for Microbiology, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, etc. to obtain information on the microorganism.

The term paper (5 pages excluding title page and reference page) will include the following elements:

Title of research

A summary of the current literature written by the student in his/her own words indicating:

  1. The mechanism of action of the pathogen in humans including the body system(s) which are most likely targeted.
  2. Findings regarding any outbreaks of this pathogen in the population, where, when and why.
  3. Current modalities of treatment related to exposure of the pathogen.
  4. Preventive measures that are recommended to reduce exposure to the pathogen.

A concluding paragraph stating:

  1. The value of this exercise relative to the profession of nursing.
  2. How this exercise was of educational benefit.

Papers must be handed in on due date (above), no emailed papers will be considered, only hard copies.

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