Strategic Management

Strategic Management

As a consultant you specialize in giving focused, strategic analysis to organizations in the oil and gas sector. In your report you need to provide up to date and concise information so that your clients can use it in their day to day operations.
You have been tasked with evaluating an Oil company, either Shell, BP, Exxonmobile or Chevron

1. Introduce your assignment and explain why you have chosen the particular NOC. For example, are there any scandels that the company has faced/ any issues in the community?
(10 marks)
2. Conduct a SWOT analysis on your chosen NOC and rank each of the factors in order of importance; 1 = most important, 2 = second most important till 3.
This ranking should be done for each factor examined under each of SWOT’s headings Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Explain the reasoning for your rankings.
(50 marks)

3. Analyze the limitations of SWOT.
(10 marks)

4. Outline 3 key recommendations for your chosen NOC which have come
out of your analysis? List these in rank order (1 = most important, 2 = second most important and so on). Explain your reasoning.
(20 marks)

5. Briefly summarize your work
(10 marks)

Marking guide: Content, style,relevance, originality, Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources.

Format, referencing, bibliography: Harvard Referencing
10 %

Constructive critical analysis, introduction,conclusion: Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models.

Use numbered sub-headings
Report format
No bullet points
Use 10-15 references from realible and academic sources, i.e no wikipedia

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