Research Paper, Macro & Micro economics: Industrial Organization and Public of Policy Net Neutrality


Project description
Being able to communicate ideas clearly is a major part of being an economist. All sources must be properly cited. Adhering to a specific citation style is not necessary as long as you are consistent with how you cite your sources.
In order to write this paper, here are a few questions to guide your investigation into this topic and guide your

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What is going on? Comcast and Time-Warner have proposed a merger, what reason
is there for it to be held up?
• What are the FTC and DOJ merger guidelines and how do they apply in this case?
• What kinds of regulations are there in the cable television industry and who do
they benefit?
• Are there any models we discussed in class that can give insight into this situation?
• Should we approve the merger? What could potentially happen if it is approved?
Links of sources that you can use:

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