Pillsbury Cookie Challenge

In your response to the questions, devote a full page to the third question. Be sure to integrate concepts from the course in your readings. Your write up should not exceed two pages, with 1” margins and 12-point font, 1.5 spacing. Your preparation of the case and the write-up should be based on the case only. Do not use current information or information from online sources. A spelling/grammar check is recommended before submission. The write-up is due at the beginning of the class.
Answer the following questions:

1) Develop perceptual maps for potential targets (users,lapsed-users, non-users). What are the
implications of these maps?

2)What are the key learning from the consumer research?

3)Utilizing the case facts, data and insights from consumer research, develop a mini-marketing plan. Describe the target and outline specifics of marketing communications. Your plan should help Guillen achieve increased sales and penetration. Provide concise rationale for each of your suggestions

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