Operations Management

The Central Evaluation Unit

Task 1:    Analyse and evaluate the processing of new applications at the CEUPU:

  • Create a process map for new applications (10 marks)
  • Calculate the cycle time for the application process (10 Marks)
  • Calculate the number of people involved in the processing of an application (10 marks)
  • Explain why it is difficult to locate an individual file (10 Marks)

Task 2:   With reference to the analysis carried out in Task 1, summarize the problems of the CEUPU process. (30 Marks)

Task 3    What suggestions would you make to Véronique to improve her process?      (30 Marks)

Assessment Guidance

Task 1

  • Any combination of Scientific Management or Information System flow charting symbols may be used for the process map
  • The appropriate use of Little’s Law will be required to calculate process cycle time and the number of people involved in the process
  • Where the case study suggest a ‘range’ for any of the data used in the calculations, you will be required to explain why you have used any particular figure in the calculation
  • As this task is based mainly on diagrams and calculations, no specific word count is specified

Task 2

To achieve high marks for this task, you will need to identify the problem, the cause of the problem and the impact that the problem has on the effectiveness of the process. (500 words +/- 10%)

Task 3

To achieve high marks for this task you will be required, for each improvement identified, to evaluate how this will improve the effectiveness of the process.

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