management and the increased role of globalization

How has management changed because of the increased role of globalization? Would a good leader in one country automatically be a good leader in another country? What characteristics should a leader have to make them successful globally?

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The role of globalization has affected the management in several ways. Globalization has affected the management through market differentiations, customer bases, international employees, and growing competition. In the past, companies considered their customer base and market to be within their own country. With globalization, management now must consider the whole world as their market and potential customer base. Globalization causes management to embrace and expand their business associations across the globe, which in turn can positively affect productivity. A good leader does not necessarily mean a good leader in another country. Globalization has prompted management to adapt and lead different employees from various international locations and backgrounds. This requires management to fully understand different cultural traits, customs, and forms of communication. This also requires management to consider the needs of these employees in other countries. In order to be a successful global leader, one needs to possess certain characteristics surrounding knowledge of not only the business they are in, but also the countries they do business with. In addition, a leader must be able to motivate others, display confidence and integrity, effectively communicate the company vision, and have the drive to succeed. Click Here to get your essay done by an expert


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