Management Accounting: Performance Evaluation (Balanced Scorecard)

This individual assignment assesses your ability to investigate theoretical and applied issues of management accounting. (Learning Outcome Two)

In order to achieve a high grade your work should be carefully researched, clearly argued, well presented and well structured. (Hand written work is unacceptable)

Check your referencing style to the acceptable university referencing style (Harvard)- see Learning Resource Centre information for clarity.

All assessment regulations, e.g concerning collusion, plagiarism, extenuating circumstances, submission date will be applied in full.

Academic offences will be treated as serious

Performance measurement was being discussed as far back as 1956 by Ridgway (Ridgway cited in Neely 2005) and it has been reviewed many times since then. In the 1980’s and 1990’s it became the fashionable topic to research and many authors came up with frameworks (Neely 2005). It was recognised that performance measurement should not purely rely on financial measures and in the early nineties Kaplan and Norton developed the Balanced Scorecard. They looked at linking the measurements to the strategy of the organisation and to incorporate more than just financial measures.
Critically evaluate Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard. Investigate if any progress has been made since the nineties. Discuss whether this tool is still useful today.

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