Implementation of Balanced Scorecard

Implementation of Balanced Scorecard

“The balanced scorecard is a management framework which, since its inception by Kaplan and Norton in the early 1990s, has been adopted, modified and applied by hundreds of organisations worldwide. If understood thoroughly and implemented appropriately, its potential contribution to organisational success – however measured – is fundamental.” (CIMA 2005, p 3)
Investigate published literature on Balanced Scorecard focusing upon implementation of BSC in various organisations.

You are required to compare and contrast four organisations where two should report satisfaction while the other two failures with regards to achievement of intended objectives.
The cases should not be more than 5 years old. Only credible sources should be used e.g. academic articles or professional journals/magazines.

1. You are required to provide your work in the form of an academic article. Please spend time in library and StudyNet to get familiar with the structure, format and style of an academic article.
2. You are required to research articles published in existing academic and professional journals. Find relevant opinions, case studies, and data in published sources.
3. Please avoid using generic websites e.g investopedia etc. Only rely on peer reviewed credible sources.
4. The word limit is 2500 with 10% allowance. Write down the word count on the cover of your article.
5. Write a 500 words reflection on your coursework as an annexure. Don’t add this wordcount to the main essay wordcount
6. I expect your paper to be based on secondary research or desk research. Anyone attempting to do some data analysis of published material will be encouraged.
7. Please ensure that you structure your paper well using critical evaluation approach.
8. Your article must use at least 15 high quality academic references. The material cited must not be more than 5 years old. No reference should be included in the reference list if not used in-text.
9. I shall be providing a suggested format of the paper. However, the suggested format will not be mandatory and you are at liberty to adopt a different format altogether provided it addresses the question well.
10. In addition to the above, please provide a short ‘Abstract’ of about 500 words. This is not included in words count.
11. Please provide references using Harvard referencing style.
12. You must submit Turnitin Report of your article. The overall similarity index should not be more than 10% and no single source should be more than 2%.

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