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Discuss how elements of orientalism are present in Fashion branding campaigns and collections. Justify your arguments through evidences from no more than three brands or collections. You’re advised to clarify your definitions of terms and cite from Edward Said’s Orientalism and Sandra Niessen’s Re-Orienting Fashion Theory.

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Though brand management is not limited to the apparels and accessories it is very evident that fashion industry has given the word a turnaround over the years. From brand fanaticism to Brand loyalty Fashion Brands have the tendency to create a strong Brand identity amongst the minds of the consumers. Many of their brand management strategies have been successful.

The global fashion industry is a giant in terms of the impact it has on economy, trade and commerce of many countries, the reach and importance of its products and the strength of its employment.

Over the century, growth of the industry has been astonishing in terms of technology and revenue. The innovations had been rapid and growth exponential.

Though origin of branding dates back to historical times, fashion industry is one of the industries which capitalized the most of a Brand’s strength. Fashion industry has a strong affinity to brand management, and most successful brand strategies like retailers Zara, Mark & Spencer and Luxury designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dior and YSL.

The Brand strategy of most fashion brands revolve around the concept of differentiation of products, target customer group and building brand-consumer relationship from which is derived a Brand Personality and Identity of each brand. This identity carves a niche for the brand in the market.

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