Economics and financial management

Please complete this course work using excel spreassheet

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Week5Q13. Suppose that you invest $50,000 in a restaurant business. One year later, you sell half of this business to a partner for $100,000. Then a year later, the business is in the red, and you have to pay $40,000 to close the business. What is the rate of return on your investment from this restaurant business?
Week5Q11. You are considering two types of automobiles. Model A costs $18,000 and model B costs $15,624. Although the two models are essentially the same, after four years of use, model A can be sold for $10,000, while model B can be sold for $6,500. Model A commands a better resale value because its styling is popular among young college students. Determine the rate of return on the incremental investment. For what range of values of your MARR is model A preferable?

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Week5Q9. A machine costing $35,000 to buy and $4,000 ( per year to operate will save mainly labor expenses in packaging over six years. The anticipated salvage value of the machine at the end of the six years is $5,000. To receive a 12% return on investment (rate of return), what is the minimum required annual savings in labor from this machine?

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