Does the fact that something exists rather than nothing require an explanation? If so, does that explanation have to be God?

Write a short (600-800 word) paper that critically analyzes some argument we have examined in the Philosophy of religion section.
For this paper you are to critically evaluate an argument or philosophical position from our texts. You do not need to evaluate the entire article, just an argument from it.Your paper should be between 600 and 800 words. The best papers are clearly focused. It is better to do a very good job on a small topic than a so-so job on a large topic. Pick a single objection and develop it in as much detail as space allows.

Use short sentences and small words whenever possible.Clarity is essential. If you aren’t clear, even a good argument can look bad, and your reader will suspect you of trying to make a bad argument look good.

Be fair. Every argument has strengths and weaknesses, you don’t need to invent strengths or cover up weaknesses.In fact doing so will make your paper worse. Present the argument you will evaluate in the best possible light. Try to anticipate how the author might respond to what you say.In the end, you must make a decision about the argument, but a good decision can only rest on a fair assessment.

Focus on the argument itself, not just on the conclusion. Saying you disagree with the conclusion is not enough, not nearly enough. You must show where the argument goes wrong. Does it have bad premises? Is the reasoning weak? Has the author failed to take other evidence into consideration? It is up to you to show how the argument fails, not merely say that it does.

Avoid rhetorical questions.They are not arguments.

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