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The aim of this assignment is to understand and map travelers  recent experiences with domestic airline(s), and subsequently develop managerial implications based on your findings.
Please select three informants/respondents who recently travelled by a domestic airline. You could select your friends, relatives, colleagues, and/or anonymous travellers who recently travelled by a domestic airline. Please record the demographics of your respondents, and report this in your assignment.
Each interview should be completed by 20 minutes (roughly three interviews would take 60 minutes in total). Please record your interviews using an electronic device (e.g., phone device, audio-recorder etc.), and transcribe the recorded data on a page(s) for the purpose of writing this assignment. Please enclose the transcribed data as an ‘appendix’ of your assignment.
Please critically analyse the collected dataset, and formulate some future strategies for airline managers/industry.
As a guideline, you could use the following set of questions for each of the interviews:
o Informant’s (or respondent’s) demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics (please refer to page 266 of the text book),
o In order to choose a domestic airline(s), what are their choices?
o When did they travel by a domestic airline?
o Which of the recent airlines did they travel with?
o What factors played major roles in choosing this domestic airline?
o What are their good and bad experiences of travelling with this airline?
o What they would be looking forward if they select the same airline next time?
You are strongly suggested to study the textbook and relevant papers published in reputed journals including Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Management. This is a challenging assignment and it is recommended that students read various academic materials such as other textbooks and academic journal papers, and cite and reference those appropriately.

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