customer intimacy or competitive edge is to use social networking.

Part 1: With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0, one strategy to achieve customer intimacy or competitive edge is to use social networking.
A) Using the provided readings, briefly describe how companies can use and are using Twitter, Facebook and/or any other social networking websites for marketing purposes.
B) Give at least two examples of how you use social networking as a consumer (two different social networking website). Are you following your favorite company’s tweets, are you a friend of a company? If you are not using social networking as a consumer then go to and search for tweets of companies you are familiar with and describe how they use social networking.
? Does Twitter really fit into business and IT?
? Web 2.0 tools like Twitter, Facebook can foster growth in hard times
? 5 marketing tips for tackling Twitter
? How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter
? Comcast’s Twitter Man
Part 2: What are some dangers of using social networking for business purposes? Do you think companies should prohibit social networking of their employees or encourage it? Compare the ban of ESPN on Twitter and how employees use Twitter. Where do you stand on this issue? Should companies have social media policies?
? Twitter Ban Continues: ESPN Bans its Reporters From Sports-Related Social Media
? And more recently, ban on tweeting breaking news
? Zappo’s Shows How Social Media Is Done
? Should Your Company Have a Social Media Policy?
? A sample policy (pdf): ESPN Social Networking Policy
Part 3: How can companies calculate the ROI of social networking? Briefly describe it using the following readings.
? What’s your Twitter ROI? How to measure social media payoff
? Social Media ROI: Socialnomics – video
? Understanding the Social Media ROI Cycle
? Address all the questions in the assignment.
? Part 1: Min 400 words and max 800 words (excluding references).
? Part 2/3: Min 250 words and max 600 words (excluding references) for each part.
? No need to cite the readings unless you have quotations

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