In this assignment, you are to write to report individually on the collaborative composition of the your team project deliverables thus far and the client agreement. Select the appropriate format for reporting to your in-house manager, and save your document as a Word file using the file naming format LASTNAMEWeek4Reflection. 300 words
Your reflection may address any aspect of the collaborative writing process that your team has participated in when making the formal client agreeement. It is important to discuss what has worked out well so far, any challenges and how you plan to meet (or have met) the challenges..

For example:

How did your team gather and share content for the client agreement and in house communication brief? Were you well organized? How equitably was the work divided? Was enough time put into editing? To what degree were your suggestions taken seriously? How accurately does the final product reflect your input? What would you have done differently if your teammates agreed?

General Infor. my team

Good Doc. Texe massage, work divided. My work is “summary” in an consulting agreement. MY work in house communication is research method. I attached consulting agreement and in house communication which may help you

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