Data analysis

Fin 31 Midterm Exam

Fall 2015



  1. Answer ANY THREE questions.
  2. Show all work where required. The final answer carries very little weight in determining your score for each problem.

Use the following data for questions 1 through 4.

Data analysis on several securities has revealed the following statistics;

, , , , , and . “F” is a riskless asset.

  1. (25 points)
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  2. Compute the level of systematic risk for A, , and state whether A is more risky than the market or less risky than the market (or the same). (5 points)
  3. Use the capital asset pricing model to determine if A is correctly priced. State whether there is an arbitrage opportunity available. If so, what is the amount of Jensen’s Alpha? (5 points)
  4. Construct an arbitrage portfolio and show the level of return. (15 points)
  5. (25 points)
  6. Compute Sharpe’s Index for “A” and for the market portfolio, “M.” Which of the two assets would a risk-averse investor prefer? Explain. (10 points)
  7. Compute Treynor’s Index for “A” and the market portfolio, “M.” Which of the two assets would a risk-averse investor prefer? Explain. (10 points)
  8. How does the correlation between A and M explain the difference between the two indexes? Explain. (5 points)
  9. (25 points)
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In question #1 the security market line was used to determine whether “A” was under-priced or overpriced. This question uses the capital market line.

  1. Graph the capital market line in the space below. Hint: You will have to find the slope of the CML in order to do this. (8 points)
  2. Show whether “A” is correctly priced according to the capital market line. (8 points)
  3. Explain the difference between the security market line and the capital market line in terms of risk and return. Will the capital market line call for a higher expected return than the security market line? (5 points)
  4. State the three forms of the EMH and describe an anomaly of one of the forms. (4 points)
  5. Compute the following:
  6. Compute the expected returns and standard deviations of portfolio P, formed by combining A and M using the weights below. (15 points)

Use the equations,



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  1. Graph the standard deviation and expected return in the space below. Put standard deviation on the horizontal axis and expected return on the vertical axis. (5 points)
  2. Would anyone ever invest in M? Explain in the context of risk and return. (5 points)

American Religious Life

American Religious Life

  1. Is immigration and a diversity of cultural beliefs good for American religion life? Why?
  2. Knowing that we live in a global community, is there still the same need for missions in the church as their once was at the turn of the 20th century?
  3. Are the fundamentals appropriate for today or is religious diversity and tolerance more important in American religious life?
  4. As you respond to the question, remember to support your answer with researched examples. This will be an important factor in your grade. Your response should be 1-2 pages long and inlcude citations for any resources used. You citations must reflect APA style.



In this assignment, you are to write to report individually on the collaborative composition of the your team project deliverables thus far and the client agreement. Select the appropriate format for reporting to your in-house manager, and save your document as a Word file using the file naming format LASTNAMEWeek4Reflection. 300 words
Your reflection may address any aspect of the collaborative writing process that your team has participated in when making the formal client agreeement. It is important to discuss what has worked out well so far, any challenges and how you plan to meet (or have met) the challenges..

For example:

How did your team gather and share content for the client agreement and in house communication brief? Were you well organized? How equitably was the work divided? Was enough time put into editing? To what degree were your suggestions taken seriously? How accurately does the final product reflect your input? What would you have done differently if your teammates agreed?

General Infor. my team

Good Doc. Texe massage, work divided. My work is “summary” in an consulting agreement. MY work in house communication is research method. I attached consulting agreement and in house communication which may help you

Environmental Economic Impact of Pollution

Environmental Economic Impact of Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay Essay

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The Chesapeake Bay is the nation’s largest estuary with six major tributaries, the James, the Potomac, the Susquehanna, the Patuxent, the York, and the Rappahannock Rivers, feeding into the bay from various locations in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia (Chemical Contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay – Workshop Discussion 1). These areas depend on the Bay as both an environmental and an economic resource. Throughout the last 15 years the Chesapeake Bay has suffered from elevated levels of pollution. Nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater treatment plants, farmland, air pollution, and development all lead to reduced water clarity and lowered oxygen levels, which harm fish, crabs, oysters and underwater grasses (Key Commission Issues 1). There are other types of pollution in the bay such as toxic chemicals, but because nutrient pollution is the most significant and most widespread in the Bay its effects are the most harmful to fisheries. Nitrogen and phosphorous fuel algal blooms which cloud the water and block sunlight from reaching underwater grass beds that provide food and habitat for waterfowl, juvenile fish, blue crabs, and other species (Blankenship 11-12). Algae plays a vital role in the food chain by providing food for small fish and oysters. However, when there is an overabundance of algae it dies, sinks to the bottom of the Bay, and decomposes in such a manner that depletes the oxygen levels of the Bay (11). The reduced oxygen levels in the Bay reduce the carrying capacity of the environment and these “dead areas” sometimes kill off species that can not migrate to other areas of the Bay, such as oysters (11). Increased abundance of algal blooms also led to the overabundance of harmful and toxic algae species and microbes such as the microbe Pfiesteria, which was responsible in 1997 for eating fish alive and making dozens of people sick (12). The heightened awareness of diseases that can be contracted through consumption of contaminated fish also has an economic impact. Therefore, the excess levels of nitrogen and phosphorous have fueled an overabundance of algal blooms, which has reduced water clarity and lowered oxygen levels, affecting many species within the bay and ultimately the industries that rely on these species

Evaluating Eligibility Rules

Evaluating Eligibility Rules

Paper details
Resource: Ch. 6 of Social Policy and Social Programs
Write a 700to
paper in which you analyze eligibility rules for the same agency or organization you used in
previous assignments.

•Based on pp. 110118
of the text, what are the types of eligibility rules used by the agency?
•Do you notice any possible stigmatization or offtargeted
•Do you notice any tradeoffs,
such as overwhelming costs, over use, or under use? Explain your answer.
•Do you notice any weak rules? Explain your answer.
•In your judgment, are the eligibility rules fair and sufficient? Explain your answer.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Post your paper as a Microsoft Word attachment.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment

Management Custom Paper

Management which capture the implications of ICT on HM in the Ministry Cost benefit analysis of implementing this system and the benefit derive from it. improve efficiency
Training needed must have used of theories on the subject etc
and anything else u think will be necessary not forsaken the following: The MNRE is a fairly new Govt Ministry that have oversight of several agencies. Outline the following How ICT can help in employee empowerment

How ICT and link all the agencies to help the Ministry have better supervisory capacity

Middleville Regional Healthcare

Middleville Regional Healthcare

You are working for the consultant. Your job is to identify the issues from the response that should be considered further by the consultant team and possibly discussed with the governing board and the CEO. The firm has a rule, “Never offer a criticism or negative finding without suggesting how the client organization can correct it,” so you must indicate what sort of correction you would recommend as part of your list. Because you know there were about two  dozen other interviews, you decide you should rank your issues in importance, to make sure the most critical are discuss

  1. Explain the governing board’s role in these strategic initiatives, determining its responsibility and involvement.



Hello everyone, I want someone to watch the 2 videos and answer the questions for me :

1. Watch this discussion with Edward Said on “ORIENTALISM.”

  1. What does “Orientalism” mean? and
  2. What does Said say were his first experiences with “Orientalism?”
  3. Why does Said say that most Arab countries do not have information campaigns that critique how the U.S. and West depict Arabs in popular media?
  4. What does Said say about Oklahoma City?
  5. How does Said’s concept of “Orientalism” relate to his ideas on “co-existence?”Place an order and get a high quality custom paper at Profound Essay Writers

International law on state responsibility for acts of terrorism

Terrorism. Has international law on state responsibility for acts of terrorism changed significantly since September 11th? Does it adequately allow states to respond to the challenges posed by international terrorist groups?

Length: 2,500 words (excluding non-explanatory footnotes)

Format: 12 point font, at least 1.5 spacing, and a standard margin of at least 1.5 inches to allow for marker comments.

1. Argument

Relevance: How well does the essay answer the question asked?
Quality of the Argument: Does the essay provide a logical, consistent and sustained argument?

2. Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis versus Description: Does the essay provide a critical analysis of the subject matter, or is
it merely descriptive?

Competing Perspectives: Does the essay show understanding of competing perspectives?
Level of Analysis: Does the essay weigh competing perspectives logically, rigorously and fairly?
Originality and Creativity: Does the essay show original and creative thought?

2. Knowledge and Understanding

Use of sources: Does the essay demonstrate wide reading of appropriate sources?
Accurate Knowledge: Is accurate knowledge of the subject matter demonstrated?
Level of Knowledge: What level of knowledge of the subject does the essay demonstrate – broad or indepth
Understanding of relevant theory: Does the essay show an understanding of relevant theoretical concepts
and how they may be applied?
Evidence of Understanding: Does the essay overly paraphrase the works of other authors, or does it show a
good attempt to explain ideas and concepts in the writer’s own words.

3. Evidence/Resources

Relevance of Evidence: Does the essay use relevant supporting evidence? Does it use relevant empirical
and theoretical examples?
Argument supported by evidence: Are the conclusions drawn supported by the evidence provided?
Quality of Evidence: Are the sources academic or scholarly?

4. Structure and Organisation

Logic and Consistency: Is the argument presented in a structured in a logical and consistent way?
Clarity of Purpose: Is the purpose of each paragraph or sub-section clear?
Signposting: Are linking sentences and sign-posting used at appropriate points in the essay?
Introduction and Conclusion: Does the essay use the introduction and conclusion effectively?
Word Length: Does the essay keep to the required word length?

5. Style & Presentation

Grammar and Expression: Does the essay use correct English grammar and expression?
Clarity of Expression: Is the meaning of the expressions used clearly understood?
Errors: Are there many typographical errors present?
Creativity of Expression: Is the essay written creatively or with some flair?
5. Referencing

Fair use of sources: Are sources used acknowledged? Is there evidence of plagiarism?
Correct academic referencing: Are referencing styles or systems correctly used?

The Primary Care Clinic

The Primary Care Clinic

  1. Analyze some of the key social, political, and economic factors that have led to the proliferation of urgent care facilities and primary care practices over the last 20-30 years.
  2. Create a comprehensive mission statement for the clinic, and discuss how it will facilitate the provision of quality services.
  3. Analyze and discuss one  or more directions the clinic might take to grow its business. Determine what factors you would consider when deciding what services to provide in-house and which ones to affiliate with other institutions.
  4. Decide how you will determine if the clinic is meeting its goals. Identify three  performance measurements you could use to evaluate the success of the clinic’s services. Begin by naming a goal, and then identify a quantifiable measurement you could use for each to determine if you are coming close or falling short of the goal.
  5. Determine how you would then address whatever opportunities for improvement seem to exist and what processes you would put in place.