An Explication of a Lyric Poem: “Evenin’ Air Blues” by Langston Hughes

Write an informal essay of approximately five hundred (500) words that explicates a lyric poem of between two and four stanzas from the assigned readings in Part 5 of the Course Packet.

poem “Evenin’ Air Blues” by Langston Hughes.

1. Write a Formal Outline of your explication. Use complete sentences, follow the steps in the SAMPLE presentation, and use the sample Formal Outline for Paper 5 contained in the second PowerPoint presentation above as a guide. Remember: you must type the entire poem that you are explicating in at the top of the first page of your outline and essay. Again, this is required.
2.You must print the poem you are explicating at the top of Page 1 of your essay. You should not do a Work Cited page for Paper 5.
3.Remember: talk about the poem in general in your introduction, and focus each body paragraph on a different stanza of the poem (e.g., talk about stanza 1 in body 1, stanza 2 in body 2, etc.).
4.You must address the stanza structure and rhyme scheme of each stanza in the body paragraph dedicated to it in your paper. This is required. You must list all of the rhyming words, and talk about why they are being emphasized.
It should be written in an informal style. However, you should use good basic sentence and paragraph structure. There should be an introduction, a conclusion, and a separate body paragraph for each stanza of the lyric poem you are explicating.

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