same-sex marriage in Australia

subject: citizenship and communication. same-sex marriage in Australia

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l choose “same-sex marriage in Australia” as my topic.

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Professor’s request “Think back to our discussion of media literacy and its individual dimensions–cognitive literacy, emotional literacy, aesthetic literacy, and moral literacy–and how we applied that to a TV ad in order to analyze the way it operated as a piece of mass communication. Choose a piece of mass media communication (TV ad, film, song, magazine ad, book, etc.) and write up a short analysis of the way that it operates along the same lines that we did with the 4 dimensions of media literacy. Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

2 pages

major : advertising

class name: intro mass communication


Find a law that is currently in existence and argue why the law should be eliminated. Your assignment should include:

  1. An introduction describing the existing law. What problem was this law intended to address? Why was this law created? Which goal(s) of crime control (deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation) is reflected in this law? Provide any relevant history regarding this law.
  2. At least three reasons the law should be eliminated (each reason should be its own paragraph) which are supported by outside research.
  3. A paragraph addressing ?the other? perspective. Are there any benefits associated with this law? Your argument will be strengthened by acknowledging that there may be valid opposing arguments.
  4. A conclusion paragraph summarizing your argument as to why the law should be eliminated.

Assignment Instructions:

  • Your assignment should include a minimum of 3 research citations. The textbook and Wikipedia (c) do not count as research sources.  Google Scholar is a good place to start your research ( Often, article PDFs are provided next to the link. In addition, note that under the article there are blue options: ?cited by, related articles, all versions, cite, save, and more.? These are useful tools. Specifically, the ?cite? option provides an APA citation which can be helpful when making your reference list (but check to make sure the reference is correct!). In addition, the ASU library has many resources to help you find research sources (  
  • Your assignment should be 2-4 pages long. The page requirement is for actual content, meaning your own writing. A cover page and/or your research references are not counted towards your page requirement
  • Your assignment is expected to be typed in 12 point ? Times New Roman font. Further, your assignment should have 1-inch margins, be double spaced, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. 
  • Demonstrate skills in writing, organization and presentation.  You must show that you understand the issue, understanding of the process and procedures, and are able to clearly articulate an evidence-based argumentClick here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

Types of Advertisements,Respectful vs. Objectified Ads

-Find Ads that Respectful vs objectified person/people And True vs False representation. Make two 8.5×11 sheets. Sheet 1 answers question #1 including picture of the ads ? Sheet 2 answers question 2 including picture of the ads:

<!–[if !supportLists]–>1.     <!–[endif]–>Respectful vs objectified person/people

<!–[if !supportLists]–>2.     <!–[endif]–>True vs False representation

– Find any kind of ads such as food advertising, perfume advertising, clothing brand advertising (Forever 21, HnM, LV, American Apparel and so on), beers advertising, and phone advertising blah blah to answer 2 questions above: Please analyze and given your thought in details of the ads based on 2 questions.Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

Business Conflict Management

Conflict has emerged in the workplace as the nature of coordinating work has progressively shifted from traditional craft to factory to bureacuractic to decentralized to post bureaucratic organizations. Underlying this shift is a pattern fluctuating between work arrangements that emphasizes control through structural arrangements and those that hinge on workforce autonomy in decision making. These fluctuations are reflected and founded in individual psychology, collective behavior and organizational processes. 

The emergence of the factory system marked the replacement of craft system of production by large scale factories with low skilled workers requiring formal subordination of labor. The challenge was to balance traditional work habits with need for discipline. Managers had to figure out how to do this. One way they did this was through Paternalism – hiring friends and relatives. Another way was through incentive systems such as piecework.
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Scientific management by often credited to Fredrick Taylor aimed to find the one best way to execute a task. The aim was to increase efficiency and reduce soldiering the ability of workers to withhold effort. A key tenet of this approach was the transfer power from worker to owner.

Bureaucratic theory suggests that formal procedures can reduce uncertainty and provide a way to complete tasks. Three principles underpinning bueaucracies according to Max Weber are:Formalization: formal written documentation to direct behaviors. Instrumentalism: The bureaucratic organization structure is a means to an end organizational vision. Rational legal authority: to gain compliance of members through formal position of authority.

More recently with the emergence of the knowledge economy has been the emergence of a Postbureaucratic paradigm. The Postbureaucratic organization is based on dialogue, persuasion and trust. Consensual participatory decision making, principles, negotiations and standards of performance drive these organizations. Control is exterted through peer pressure and obligations.

The need for worker dignity and control has also become important since the shift from craft to bureuacratic and post bureaucratic organizational forms. Need for dignity at the workplace which requires creative and purposive work. Often (1) Mismanagement and abuse (2) overwork (3) challenges to autonomy (4) contradictions of employee involvement are workplace conditions that erode dignity in the workplace and therefore a source of conflict.

Question 1: Conflict emerges due to differences. How does this reading help you understand differences in organizations?
Question 2: Do you also discern an undercurrent pattern fluctuating between control and freedom? Explain.
Question 3: How does this reading help you understand your experiences related to sources of conflict at work?

Business Analytics and My Future

For the individual write-up, you are expected to work on the subject ?Business Analytics and My Future?.  


You are asked to identify three dream entry-level jobs in your interested area and use job searching websites (e.g., to find out the requirements to apply the position. At least one position must be from a Fortune 500 firm. Then, show how you can meet the basic and the preferred requirement in short description for each position. Next, you are expected to explain possible applications of (1) regression analysis, (2) forecasting, or (3) optimization on your desired job position. In the end, you have to show what you need to learn about the mentioned topics to better fit your job and potential source to learn more about these topics. Please limit all your work in 5 pages, including tables,graphs, and references with 12 size Times New Roman and double spacing. Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

I am a Logistics Major , who seeks a role in Operations Management. The job can be anywhere from Inventory specialist to Trasnporation Management. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hestitate to call. 

Mental health policy

Mental illness and substance abuse including alcohol and drugs illicit are primarily drives of disability and premature death. The accessibility and quality of treatments for mental disorders have long been its decreasing disorder incidence (primary prevention) , decreasing the duration of a disorder. efforts to cover them equitably have long been stymied by misperceptions and monetary concerns due to its intangible nature both mental disorders and mental hospitals’ use of seclusion and restraint, including chemicals that render patients drowsy and inactive in treatment process and Employer-based health plans have long set stricter treatment limits and higher out-of-pocket costs on mental health care than on medical care.

Mental health reform has almost always been incremental. Windows of opportunity open from time to time which allow change to occur. Often these windows open when there is a political imperative to ‘do something’, driven by a sense of crisis and an urgency to address a problem, especially when the problem and its consequences are being repeatedly highlighted in the media.Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

Advocacy organizations such as Mental Health America and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill promote the pass of federal parity legislation to end discrimination in mental health insurance discrimination and the awareness to public that mental disorder should be treated equally with physical illness. Although a federal parity bill was passed in 1996, that law only provides parity for annual and lifetime dollar limits. Most employers comply with the law but violate the spirit of it by erecting new barriers, such as higher co-pays, to replace the ones that the law ruled out. The proposed Mental Health Parity Act of 2007 requires health insurance plans that offer mental health coverage to provide the benefits at the same coverage level as medical and surgical services, extend parity to deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, co-payments, coinsurance, hospital stays and outpatient visits. But the bill provides a number of means through which employers could opt out. For example, employers would not be required to provide mental health coverage, but those that do would have to provide it on the same footing as medical and surgical coverage. Additionally, the bill does not apply to companies that employ 50 or fewer workers, although the same condition holds true in the House bill. Also, a 2 percent provision would allow employers whose costs go up by more than 2 percent as a result of complying with the law to seek a waiver or an exemption.
When it comes to health care, the most innovative measures often bubble up from the state level, and mental health parity is no exception.5 states–Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon and Vermont–have comprehensive parity laws that apply to all mental health and substance abuse disorders under private insurance plans, with no exemptions. In other states, parity often applies only to select groups, such as people with severe mental illness or state and local employees. Where some states might only cover a few mental health disorders, Connecticut and Vermont cover all mental illnesses covered in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is considered to be the handbook for mental illness and substance abuse diagnosis categories for both children and adults. Also, unlike the Senate’s proposed parity law, Vermont and Connecticut do not exempt companies with 50 or fewer workers. Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

International Comparisons of Health and Health Expenditures

Research Paper is to examine the micro and macroeconomics of medical care in the U.S. and healthcare outcomes and expenditures compared with international healthcare market. **Please make sure this paper is written in correct APA format, do not use subtitles on the title page and the writer needs to be o a PhD levelClick here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

This research paper is an in depth analysis of the medical and health care economics of the United States of America.  Arguably, health care economy in the United States is one of the largest economic sectors in the country. The various financing methods and ways of health care provision form the basis of analysis of the health care budget of the United States of America. The purpose of this paper is to explore both the micro economic and macro economic environment of curative care in the United States and the health care outcomes and expenditures in comparison with international health care market. 

An analysis of the microeconomic market of health care helps in determining the price mechanism in the health care market due to concerns over the economic inefficiency that emanates from pricing that results in difficulty in access to health care by the public but equivalently resulting to the high-quality system. Macroeconomic analysis of health care in the United States will delve into an analysis of the macroeconomic factors that affect health care in the United States in comparison with other countries in the world, especially in Europe.  In addition to that, the paper also seeks to establish the state of health care expenditure in the United States in comparison with the expenditure of other countries and the role such expenditure has on the outcome of health care.


Review carefully and completely the power point: Chapter 8;
After studying the power points, answer the following questions. Use the material in the power point to assist you with your answers. Each of these 5 questions are worth 20 points each. They should be answered in essay form.Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

1 What are the 7th and 8th Commandments, what major impact do they have on global economy and global stability?

2 What are the 6th and 9th Commandments, why are they so crucial to the stability of the family? How successfully does YOUR culture follow these commandments?

3 In our world today, especially on the internet, we find: Prostitution, sex-slavery, rape, sexual abuse, pornography, and immodesty. How are these a serious violation to the 6th and 9th Commandments and how do they degrade the beautiful gift of human sexuality?

4 What are the Cardinal Virtues? In your opinion, which of these virtues is the most important? How could 4th and 5th Commandments guide us in our life to honor the gift of human life?Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments

5 In detail, fully discuss how the Ten Commandments are the ultimate guide for our life.

Business Analysis

Company: Fitbit
-Here are some links to help fill out each section.

IV. Company Analysis
A. Company Information: History, Ownership characteristics and implications for company, and financial condition (past, present, trends)
-Founded in 2007 by James Park CEO and Eric Friedman Chief Tech Officer.
B. Key Strategies and Strategic Initiatives
C. Business Model

D. Organization and Structure Click here to receive assistance in this and other related assignments