demographic impact on University participation

Does the demographic still have an impact on University participation, choice of University and choice of course in Australia? 

The essay topic relates to the article Choice of Degree or Degrees of Choice? Class, “Race” and the Higher Education Choice Process (Diane Reay, Jacqueline Davies, Miriam David and Stephen J Ball, Sociology 2001 Vol 35 No 4 pp 855-874)which we have discussed early in the semester – basically the subject is about Inequality of Education.
One can pick any demographic, and my initial thought was remote or regional. However, there appears to be little research available on this demographic, so I would like the essay written with the demographic of Gender, focussing on women.

We utilise the Harvard method of referencing, and a bibliography is not required. I would like the information to be as up to date as possible.


politics and power custom essay

Required Readings

· Colin Hay, Political Analysis, pp. 168-93.
· Peter Bachrach & Morton Baratz, ‘Two Faces of Power,’ American Political Science Review 56
(1962), pp. 947-52.
· Peter Bachrach & Morton Baratz, ‘Decisions and Non-Decisions,’ American Political Science
Review 57 (1963), pp. 633-42.
· Stephen Gill & David Law, ‘Global Hegemony and the Structural Power of Capital,’ International
Studies Quarterly 33 (1989), pp. 475-99.

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Recommended Readings
· Robert Dahl, ‘The Concept of Power,’ Behavioural Science 2 (1957), pp. 201-05.
· Kalevi J. Holsti, ‘Power, Capability, and Influence,’ International Politics: A Framework for
Analysis, 4th edition, pp. 144-59.
· Bruce Russett, ‘The Mysterious Case of Vanishing Hegemony; or Is Mark Twain Really Dead?,’
International Organization 39 (1985), pp. 207-31.
· Steven Lukes, Power: A Radical View.
· Susan Strange, ‘Power in the World Economy,’ in States and Markets, pp. 23-42.
· David Marsh, ‘Pluralism and the Study of British Politics’, in C. Hay (ed.) British Politics Today,
· Stephen Gill, Power and Resistance in the New World Order 2nd edition, pp. 80-122, 206-36.
· Judith Butler, ‘Subjection, Resistance, Resignification: Between Freud and Foucault,’ The Psychic
Life of Power: Theories in Subjection, pp.
· Bob Jessop, ‘Poulantzas and Foucault on Power and Strategy,’ in State Theory, pp. 220-47.
· Nancy Harstock, ‘Community/Sexuality/Gender: Rethinking Power’, in N.J. Hirschmann and C. Di
Stefano (eds.) Revisioning the Political: Feminist Reconstructions of Traditional Concepts in
Western Political Theory, pp.

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Two theories/models of ethics/morality as outlined in the text.

In an eight- to ten-page paper, address the following:
• Describe and explain two theories/models of ethics/morality as outlined in the text. One of them should be close to a model that you believe in or one you can relate to.
• What is different about them? What is the same?
• How do they explain morality or ethics?
• Explain, by comparing and contrasting, how each would view Final Paper
the following:
o criminal behavior
o police corruption
o criminal responsibility, punishment, or consequences
• Which model explains your moral thinking or what you believe is a good theory for morality? Why? Use an example from your life or personal beliefs to explain your reasoning.
You may use examples from the text, your experiences, or criminal justice to explain any of the concepts above and illustrate your points. Use at least five academic resources other than the required text to support your claims. Two of theses resources must come from the Ashford Online Library.

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Choose from the following theories/models:
• Determinism
• Indeterminism
• Relativism
• Objectivism
• Universalism
• Egoism
• Divine Command Theory
• Mutual Advantage
• Kohlberg’s stages of Moral Development
• Consequentialism
• Deontology
• Virtue Ethics
• Utilitarianism
All sources must be properly cited, and the Final Paper must be formatted according the APA (6th edition) style. If you would like to refer to APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course.

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Writing the Final Paper
The Final Paper:
• Must be a minimum of eight (8) double-spaced pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA (6th ed.) style as outlined in the approved style guide.
• Must use a minimum of five (5) resources, two from the Ashford Online Library.
• Must provide a cover page that includes:
o Paper Title
o Student’s name
o Course name and number
o Instructor’s name
o Date submitted
• Must address the items found in Final Paper guidelines.
• Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
• Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
• Must use APA (6th ed.) style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document all sources.
• Must include a Reference Page that is completed according to APA (6th ed.) style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.

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management change custom essay

Background Information:
As businesses and organisations grow and evolve changes in direction
inevitably occur. As a prospective business manager across any industry,
you should be aware of what is happening in the local, national and global
market around you, how to read and analyse a Strategic Plan, and how to
communicate changes to a wider audience.
Choose ONE of the following websites:
and open the Strategic Plan for that organisation.

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Develop a 5-10 slide Powerpoint presentation that addresses what direction
the organisations are moving in into the future so that you can explain them
to your staff (classmates).
1. Identify what the organisation sees as the current and future
strategic change requirements and future directions against their
existing policies and practices
2. Identify what they perceive as the external trends that impact on
organisational objectives and whether they result from performance
gaps, opportunities, threats
3. Explain how they prioritised the changes and identified any
specialist requirements. Invite and answer class input/questions.
4. Your Trainer will advise you of the due date for submission
5. Your Presentation is to be a 5-10 slide Powerpoint Presentation,
Handout slides for Class, Summary notes plus slides for Trainer

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Inequalities and Health

a) Define the following terms using at least one example (4 marks):
• Health inequality
• Health inequity
• Equity in health
• Social gradient
• Targeted intervention
• Universal intervention
• Socioeconomic status
• Life course perspective

b) Explain the differences using at least one example between (6 marks):
• Health equity and health inequality
• Targeted and universal interventions

Part 2: Key Debates (20%)
c) In no more than 1000 words, discuss ONE of the following statements.
Outline the case for each side of the argument and then discuss your own
position. There are no “right” answers and you are encouraged to explore
your own views (20 marks).
“The health care system has no role in addressing health inequalities as
they are caused by policies and circumstances out of our control.”
“Are health inequalities ‘natural and inevitable results of individual
differences both in respect of genetics and the silent hand of the economic
market’ or ‘social and economic abhorrences that need to be tackled by a
modern state and a humane society’?”

Part 3: Measurement Issues (30%)
The health of the people of NSW – Report of the Chief Health Officer, has been
produced since 1996 by the NSW Department of Health. It provides an
overview of key population health indicators, health inequalities, emerging
health priorities and new health data sources.
Find the online (e-cho) version of the most recent report (available at and identify and
download TWO graphs and data tables showing different health inequalities.
In no more than 500 words (for each) discuss the inequities that underlie each
Justify your response and include detailed references for the papers you have used

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Guidelines for the preparation and presentation of
1. Answer ALL questions in Assignment 1 and ONE question in Assignment 2.
2. The questions outlined in each Assignment need to be directly addressed.
3. The assignment should show evidence that you have identified the key
literature in the area and not relied on only one or two summary papers.
4. References should be included to support evidence presented.
5. It is important to demonstrate that you have reflected on the material you
have read and are able to comment critically on the strengths and
weaknesses of the material you have used and the implications for practice.
6. Although there are no word limits for Assignment 2 it is important to
present your answers in a succinct and tightly argued way.
7. Presentation of assignment is important. This includes grammar, clear
structure of the assignment, lay out, use of tables etc and referencing

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Electronic Health Record Overview Custom Essay

Provider’s Edge. (2011) Electronic Health Records Overview 

Retrieved from
Review this site and answer the following questions completely: Get the paper
1. Discuss three functions that may be automated in a physician’s office. Why would automation of these functions benefit the office?
2. What happens during the procurement phase of the process? Give an example.
3. You are charged with the responsibility of implementing an electronic record. Where will you start?  Get the paper
4. Is it necessary to analyze and improve current processes when converting to an automated system? Why or why not?
5. You need to start comparing available products. How will you do that?
The assignment should be one to two pages in length, prepared in a Microsoft Word document, and APA-formatted.
*Use the website for your answers:
*Number your questions.
*Use complete sentences.
*Use APA format and reference the cite.
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Reflective Assessment Custom Paper

In this section, propose and describe at least one specific assessment method and instrument to gather specific data about the instructional problem (assistive technology in education). Before selecting the assessment method and instrument, reflect upon the array of methods and tools that you have been introduced to.

Get the paper Then, select an assessment that could be used to determine if or to what degree your defined instructional problem may be solved.In summary, you will select (and/or create) and discuss an assessment you could use to collect specific data about the instructional problem. You will later use this data to devise and implement a solution that targets the root of the problem. This method of problem-solving is known as backward design and in this course will proceed along the below timeline:

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-In one section, determine the problem
-In another section, consider an assessment to further assess the problem
Get the paper
Your narrative discussion should begin with a one- to two-sentence explanation of the problem. The overall paper should be one to two pages in length and include a separate reference page in APA Style

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You have been given a choice of one out of three movies to watch and answer the corresponding questions. I have given you a choice so that it might be easier to find at least one of the three movies listed. You do not need to do any research. Please do not spend time describing the whole movie. Spend time answering the questions. Please use the same numbering that I have provided. No need to cite sources. Get the paper

Enough (2006)
Content: An abused wife (played by Jennifer Lopez) tries to escape with her daughter from the violent man she married. The husband pursues her and uses psychological fear and very real physical harm to silence his wife. However, because the main character wants to protect her daughter, she decides to fight back and end not only her marriage, but her husband’s life. Get the paper
1) How realistic is this movie?
2) Could most abused wives overpower their husbands physically?
3) Does the main character (Lopez) present as most battered women?
4) How might this movie be helpful or damaging to real women/men who are in an abusive relationship?Get the paper

What’s Love Got to Do with It? (1993)
Content: A film chronicling the true story of the singer and abused wife, Tina Turner; her journey through childhood, her rise to fame, and her marriage to Ike Turner. Tina’s struggle to become free from the abuse in her marriage is powerful and painful, and Ike was also Tina’s manager, so she gave up her record royalties, publishing rights, and everything else when she parted ways with him. Get the paper

1) How did Tina Turner’s childhood affect her entrance into an abusive marriage?
2) What effect did the criminal justice system have on the Turners’ marriage?
3) How did Tina gain the courage to break free?

The Color Purple (1985)
Content: A powerful novel by Alice Walker has been turned into a classic film, rich in detail and character development and poignant in plotline. The movie follows the life of a young black girl growing up in the early 1900s, who has never known anything but neglect, abuse and mistreatment. She is impregnated by her father, cruelly used by her husband, and finally finds love and acceptance in an unlikely source. Get the paper

1) Discuss the topics of childhood sexual abuse, incest and neglect as portrayed in this movie.
2) How were the main characters affected by their suffering?
3) Were the perpetrators of child abuse and intimate partner abuse ever brought to justice?
4) Was there healing for any of the main characters?
5) Could this story happen today?Get the paper

Agricultural practices (breeding vs. genetic engineering)

Agricultural practices (breeding vs. genetic engineering) 

The topic that I have chosen to write about is Agricultural practices (breeding vs. genetic engineering)
A few questions that I would like to address are what are the differences between breeding and genetic engineering? Which is cost affective? What are the next steps in breeding and generic? How can both affect the Agricultural practices?
Get the paper
Two references that I will be using are :
The Evolution of Modern Agriculture and Its Future with ; website;
Get the paper
Genetic engineering, ecosystem change, and agriculture: an update; website; PDF file
please include an outline
and use the following layout
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The Modules
I. Module 1: Definition of the problem
II. Module 2: The history of early solutions
III. Module 3: What social, political, and technical forces caused one technology, or one primary design, to become dominant?
Again, under what circumstances did this happen? Who paid for the development? Who benefited? Who suffered? What were the technical strengths, weaknesses, and limitations?
IV. Module 4: What competing solutions either failed or became “niche markets”? What social, political, and technical forces caused this to happen?
Example: Blimps failed; helicopters/gliders became niche markets.
V. Module 5: What are the challenges the dominant technology currently faces?
Examples: High fixed costs, fuel expense, safety, security, etc.
Are there any technologies that could replace the dominant one? (Trains, small air planes, etc.) How is the dominant technology “fighting back”? Finally, what does the future hold? (A return to trains? Smaller airlines? Faster planes–but then why haven’t supersonic aircraft caught on? etc.)Conclusion
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interpreting the message

Greencross Vets operate in several States in Australia and offer a range of veterinary services. Consider the following poster produced by Greencross Vets and in display in their Greencross Vet branches. It features a young woman with a ‘Kitty’ tattoo, wearing a suggestive cat costume and carrying a cat o’ nine tails, which is a type of multi-tailed whipping device.

get more.
Answer the questions below in a report format.

What is the central idea of this advertisement/poster (what is it trying to Who is the target market for this advertisement?

What else is being communicated in the advertisement?

Do you think it works? Why/why not?

Why were you attracted to the advertisement?

Are there [obvious or not] ethical or legal issues in relation to the advertisement? If so, describe what the unethical or illegal issue is and whether it breaches Australian advertising standards.

Do you think it will offend?

Why, why not?

What markets might it offend?

Do you think offense was intentional?

Could this advertisement be improved as a form of communication and if so, how would you change the advertisement?

Visit the Greencross website (or the company of your choice) and discuss if you think this poster fits in with their brand image.

Present your work in a formal report format, including a title page, introduction,

details and conclusion. Refer to and include also

references of your sources to APA or Harvardstandard.
You are expected to write 500-800 words.

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